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Kiwi diplomat cake

Kiwi diplomat cake

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This cake started from a simple idea: I wanted to make a birthday cake for a special person who happens to be my friend. I didn't know what her cake preferences were, and I didn't feel well in time either, because a colleague had asked me to make her a birthday cake and my colleagues had asked me to make a cake for this colleague, for the office. So I baked an extra countertop and thought I'd see what cream I make along the way, even though I thought of a mousse. Finally, with what was left of a cake, I added cream and yogurt and this cake came out, which in its time was very popular.

The recipe and top ingredients can be found here: The coffee cream is also here:

Diploma cream:

  • 200 gr yogurt
  • 200 ml liquid cream
  • orange zest
  • 2 kiwis
  • orange essence
  • 2-3 tablespoons of sugar


  • 150 ml liquid cream
  • 6 kiwi stars
  • 1 transparent tortgelee envelope

Servings: 10

Preparation time: less than 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Diplomatic cake with kiwi:

For diplomat cream I first peeled the kiwi fruit and cut it into slices, then cut out a few stars for decoration. I cut the rest into cubes. I mixed the yogurt with the sugar and orange essence until the sugar melted, then I added the orange zest. Separately I beat the whipped cream, then I added it over the yogurt cream.

For Assembly I placed a cake tray in a removable ring, added the chocolate cream, let it cool for an hour, then added half of the diplomat cream, sprinkled the kiwi pieces, then added the rest of the cream and gave again cold until the next day.

For decoration I covered the cake on the side in whipped cream, I made 6 hazelnuts, on which I supported a kiwi star, over which I lightly poured gelatin prepared according to the instructions on the envelope.

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do not use all the gelatin, but as much as necessary not to slip the kiwi stars.

Diplomat cake

Along with eclairs, savarines and almonds, the Diplomat cake has its place in any window of confectioneries in Romania. This cake also has a very pleasant history, being, as you will see, a dessert with origins quite far in time. Prepared according to the traditional recipe by Charlotte Russe, a diplomat cake is made either from classic cake tops prepared according to the simple sponge cake recipe, or from layers made of Italian biscuits, well filled with a rich cream, mixed with cream and lots of fruit. , either fresh seasonal fruit, canned fruit or even dried fruit.

I was saying that a Diplomat cake is prepared according to an authentic recipe by Charlotte Russe, so we should see what the history of this magnificent dessert is. Initially, Charlotte Russe was far from a dessert, but a substantial pudding of meat that monks ate in England sometime in the 15th century. Only later, the sweet version of the pudding was created and consisted of layers of cream, bread and fruit. Later, we are already talking about the 19th century, the famous French chef Marie-Antoine Carême recreated the bread and fruit pudding, turning it into a unique dessert. Marie-Antoine Carême was also called "the king of the kitchen, the cook of kings", and this is because she cooked for Emperor Franz I of Austria, for King George IV, but also for Tsar Alexander I. From the modest bread pudding with cream and fruit, created a spectacular cake filled with Crème Bavaroise, meaning the traditional composition of the diplomat cake made with eggs and milk, mixed with cream and hardened with gelatin. He is the one who named the desert Charlotte Russe to honor Tsar Alexander I properly.

As with many recipes over time, the Charlotte Russe recipe has undergone dozens of changes and adaptations. In some countries, Charlotte Russe is prepared with rum, in some countries the cream is a pastry that bears little resemblance to authentic cream, but the Romanian adaptation of the recipe, called diplomat cake, is the closest to the original recipe.

And so it is that although the years have passed and today we find all kinds of sophisticated cakes, chic, vegan, raw vegan and so on, on the festive tables of Romanians there is still a diplomatic cake made as a book .

Diplomat cake is also a fairly permissive dessert, meaning it can be made with fresh fruit, canned fruit or even dried fruit. It can also be prepared from classic sponge cake tops or biscuits. It can be decorated very sophisticatedly or very simply. It can even be prepared in rectangular shapes, in round shapes or in glasses. As well, with a little patience and skill, it can be prepared in the form of a roll and brought to festive tables in a beautiful plate.

The variants are innumerable, so let's see, first of all, how to prepare a diplomatic summer cake, light, airy, with fresh fruit, but also with a few canned tropical fruits. It would be good to know from the beginning that it is good to avoid fresh kiwi, pineapple and papaya, and this is because in all these fruits there is an enzyme that digests proteins and thus destroys gelatin. However, you can decorate the cake with kiwi slices.

How to make a diplomatic summer cake?

To prepare a summer diploma cake, you will need fresh fruit and a can of tropical fruits. The top can be prepared according to the classic sponge cake recipe, from 4 eggs, 4 tablespoons of sugar and 4 tablespoons of flour. Mix all these ingredients until a sponge cake composition is formed, bake in a round tray with removable walls, then leave to cool, possibly overnight and cut the next day, thus obtaining two wonderful tops for the diploma cake. As well, you can buy countertops already prepared commercially, with vanilla or cocoa. However, the most suitable option are the Savoiardi biscuits, which soften quickly, allow the cake to be assembled in any shape we want and you can even coat the cake on the outside with biscuits, for a fantastic look.

Once the countertop is ready, we will have to make the authentic diplomat cake cream.

For this cream we will need 5 whole eggs, 200 grams of white sugar, 1 pinch of salt, 4 sachets of gelatin, ie 40 grams of gelatin either powder or sheets, 700 grams of cream for whipping cream, and citrus peel soaked in vanilla extract can be used as flavorings. Fruits will be used according to preference, but the preserved exotic fruits are very delicious - mango, papaya, pineapple. Therefore, you can use a can of exotic fruits and other fresh fruits, such as an orange, a tangerine, a banana or even strawberries and other berries. Do not throw away the juice from the canned fruit, because you will need it.

Preparing the cream is not exactly the most meticulous process, but it requires little attention.

First of all, we will take care of the fruit. Drain the canned fruit and place in a bowl. If you hit a can with large pieces of fruit or slices, you can chop the fruit into small cubes. The fresh fruit is cleaned, cut into small cubes and placed in another bowl. Fresh fruit can be sprinkled with a little lemon juice to prevent it from changing color, especially bananas or other fruits prone to oxidation. Once the fruit is ready, we will take care of the gelatin. Gelatin powder will be hydrated in either 5 tablespoons of cold water or 5 tablespoons of fruit juice. I told you not to throw the canned juice away because it might help.

While the gelatin is hydrated, we will put the whole eggs and the 200 grams of white sugar in a pot. Put the pot on low heat and beat the eggs and sugar lightly so that this composition does not stick to the bottom of the pot. The egg cream should heat up and thicken, but do not let it reach the boiling point. If it is easier for you, you can prepare this cream on a steam bath. When the egg cream has thickened, take the pot off the heat and let it cool a little, until it reaches a temperature of about 60 degrees, at which point we add hydrated gelatin to the cream. It is mandatory that the temperature of the cream does not exceed 60 degrees, otherwise the gelatin will not work.

In this lukewarm egg cream mixed with gelatin, we will add the prepared fruit and, optionally, the citrus peel soaked in vanilla extract. Let this composition cool and rest, during which time we quickly prepare whipped cream. To get a firm and delicious cream from commercial cream, it is important that the cream is cold. Beat the cream with the mixer until it hardens well. Do not overdo the mixing, as there is a risk of the cream being cut. We have the egg and fruit cream ready, we also have the cream ready, we just need to mix these two compositions lightly. We will add a third of the cream in the fruit egg cream and mix well, then the fruit egg cream and with that third of the cream we will pour it over the rest of the cream and mix with a whisk or a silicone spatula until smooth.

The cake is assembled.

Place the top or biscuits in a round or rectangular tray, according to your preferences. For added flavor and freshness, the top or biscuits can be syruped with canned fruit juice or fresh orange juice. If you use three commercial countertops, divide the amount of cream in two and put a countertop and a half of the amount of cream, the second countertop over which you pour and the other half of the cream, followed by the third countertop. If you use homemade top and cut in half, pour all the cream over the first top and then cover with the second top. And if you use biscuits, depending on the tray in which you assemble the cake and the amount of biscuits you have available, form a layer of biscuits over which you pour cream, continue with another layer of biscuits and another layer of cream and so on. until the biscuits and cream run out.

Wrap the tray with the cake thus assembled and refrigerate overnight or for 5 hours. After these hours, the cream must be very well hardened, thanks to the gelatin.

The cake is now decorated, and the easiest way to decorate a diplomat cake is to use whipped cream only on the surface of the cake, and to place very little syrupy biscuits around it. For this decor, you will need Savoiardi biscuits, special whipped cream for the decor, a little powdered sugar and fruit for garnish. You can use slices of kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, thin slices of orange or lemon and even a few fresh mint leaves. Cut the fruit into thin slices or shapes, such as cubes, circles, hearts or stars, and set aside. We will prepare the cream for decoration. Beat with the mixer 500 milliliters of whipped cream with a tablespoon of powdered sugar and a sachet of whipping cream.

Beat the cream with the mixer only until it hardens enough. Level the cream with a wide knife on the top of the cake, and then arrange the biscuits around it. We also place the fruits on the cake, and for a festive and elegant look, we can tie the cake with a thin ribbon.

Until serving, the cake thus decorated is kept in the refrigerator either in a special casserole with a lid or in a tray and well covered with a plastic foil, so that the other foods in the refrigerator do not affect the taste of the cake, the cream being quite sensible. Cut the cake into thin slices and serve as such, with a cold drink next to it. Since the cake has a rich cream, plenty of fruit and plenty of cream, no more sauces or toppings are needed. However, a glass of champagne, a white or rose sparkling wine or even a simple lemonade will go hand in hand with this light and tasty diplomat cake.

Diplomat cake

Here is another recipe sent to our contest by Adriana88: Diplomat cake. Participate with your holiday recipes here.


sponge fingers
500 ml of milk
5 yolks
4 tablespoons starch
100 g sugar
vanilla sugar
500 ml fresh
2 gelatin sachets
pineapple slices
pineapple compote

Method of preparation

CREAM & # 8211 milk to boil, mix the yolks with the sugar. When it has melted, add the starch and mix well. When the milk starts to boil, gradually add the yolks and mix, then pour the composition into the bowl in which we boiled the milk. Put on the fire, stirring constantly until it thickens well, turn off the heat and let it cool.
Put the gelatin sachets in a bowl, add enough water to cover and leave for 5 minutes, then dissolve on a steam bath. After it has dissolved, mix it with the yolk cream, put it in the fridge until it cools down.
Mix the whipped cream well, then add the cooled cream, add pineapple pieces and mix.
In a tray with removable walls (lined with food foil) add biscuits that I passed through the compote, add pineapple slices on the edges and then add the cream. Cover the tray with cling film and let it cool for about 2-3 hours (or overnight)
Garnish with whipped cream and kiwi.

Diplomat cake

The responsibility for this recipe belongs exclusively to Ms. Carmen Andries.

Method of preparation

The gelatin is dissolved in 100 ml of cold milk and left to dissolve for 15 minutes.

Beat the eggs with the mixer together with the sugar and the rest of the milk. Then mix with dissolved gelatin and put on the fire until it warms up, without starting to boil, stirring constantly. Be careful, the gelatin must not boil.

Remove from the heat, cool slightly, and when warm, add the raisins, whipped cream and vanilla essence. Instead of raisins, you can use compote fruits or candied fruits.

The composition is placed in 3 normal cake trays, lined with plastic wrap so that they can be easily opened.

The biscuits are given a little through syrup (made with water + sugar + vanilla essence), then a row of biscuits is placed on the bottom of the tray, the composition is placed and on top of it another row of biscuits is placed, after which it is cooled.

After 3-4 hours (after it has set), turn the tray over on the plate, unfold the foil and garnish with whipped cream and fruit.

Tort Tutti Frutti by Simona Callas

Today I propose a delicious, light and refreshing cake that can be enjoyed just as well, both in winter and in the warm season. I have known the recipe for many years, it is one of the first cakes I learned to make, and I choose it without hesitation when I want a special dessert. This time, because it's Saint John and I have two celebrants in the family, because I felt the need for a light dessert after the gastronomic abundance of the holidays, and because I had a lot of oranges that I didn't want to let spoil. I remembered this wonderful cake and as such I made it.

Tutti Frutti cake looks a bit like Diplomat Cake , but the cream does not contain eggs, but orange juice. I recommend small oranges, which have a thin skin and are much juicier and tastier than large ones. Also, those who do not have triple dry liqueur in the house can put a little orange or vanilla essence in the syrup, according to their preference. If the canned fruit does not contain enough syrup, fill it with a boiled syrup of 1 part sugar and 3 parts water.

Kiwi diplomat cake - Recipes


At least once you have been reproached
That you weren't elegant in a dispute
And you were told to be more diplomatic & # 8230
A slice of this cake can help.

  • 4 eggs
  • 250 gr sugar
  • 500 ml liquid cream
  • 300 ml milk
  • 20 gr gelatin
  • fruit (2 kiwi, 1 banana, 1 mar)
  • 30 biscuits
  • 3 kiwis
  • 1 sachet of jelly cake
  1. the whites are separated from the yolks.
  2. put the yolks with the sugar on low heat along with milk Stir until you get a creamwhich we leave to cool.
  3. beat the egg whites
  4. mix the liquid cream until you get the whipped cream
  5. Leave the gelatin in 200 ml of water for 10 minutes, then put it on the fire to melt the crystals, without boiling. Let it cool, then incorporate it into the yolk cream. Add the egg whites and whipped cream and mix well
  6. in a cake form (diameter 26cm) with removable walls we put the biscuits We add half of the obtained composition. Sprinkle with finely chopped fruitPour the rest of the cream.
  7. Let cool for 1 hour, then garnish with kiwi Prepare the jelly cake according to the instructions on the envelope, add it over the kiwi, then leave it to cool overnight.
  8. good appetite!

Diplomat cake

Place a layer of cream at the base of the form, put the pieces of fruit (press lightly to enter the cream), cover with another layer of cream and so on until the form is full.

Refrigerate for a few hours. Remove the cake from the pan and place on a serving platter. Garnish with the whipped cream and the remaining fruit.

I invite you to Like and follow my facebook page Simonacallas, where I offer you every day sources of inspiration for the menus of the day, menus of occasion or recipe it's special. I also invite you to join the SimonaCallas Grup Oficial, where I can answer your questions, give you culinary advice and prepare beautiful contests for you, with interesting prizes.

Recipes from readers: Diplomat cake, with egg cream and cream - Aura Dogaru

Ingredients (21cm): 1 packet of biscuits, 2 large eggs, 150 g sugar, 600 g whipped cream (unsweetened), 1 sachet of gelatin granules, rum essence, 400 g of compote fruit, I used pineapple, orange kiwi and pomegranate )

In a form of cake with removable walls, fix the biscuits, placed perpendicular to the tray, as crowded as possible, so as to form a crown. For better stability, remove 1cm from each biscuit so that each rests on a straight side, not rounded.

The bottom of the tray, inside the biscuit crown, is also covered, fitting and fixing whole biscuits and pieces, aiming for the best possible coverage.
For the cream, put the whole eggs together with the sugar on the bain-marie and mix for at least 5 minutes, so as to obtain a warm foam.

For bain-marie, try to use two pots of close circumference, because if it differs too much and the pot below is too wide, the steam will rise from the pot, not ensuring the temperature necessary for optimal mixing of the eggs.

During this time the cream is mixed until it hardens, this is obtained with optimal results if, before mixing, the cream has been kept in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.

This time I forgot the cream in the freezer, took it out after an hour half-frozen and had the pleasant surprise of beating satisfactorily.

Whipped cream is kept in the refrigerator until it can be added to the cream.

Leave the gelatine to hydrate in 80 ml of cold water for a few minutes, then transfer to the stove over low heat. When the gelatin has dissolved, pour it into a thin thread over the egg foam, mix, then leave the resulting composition to cool.

When it reaches only slightly warm, incorporate the cream, the essence, then the drained fruit and cut into small pieces. Pour the cream into the cookie tray and level.

Garnish with fruit and pour a transparent Jelly Cake from Dr. Oetker. The tray is placed in the refrigerator, where it is left for a few hours (recommended - overnight).

The preparation of the cake begins with the preparation of the cream. To do this we must do the following:

-mix the yolks together with the sugar until they become creamy and the sugar has melted, then add the starch and mix

-after the milk has boiled, pull the bowl aside and let it cool a bit

-over the beaten yolks over the beaten yolks, stirring constantly

-pour the composition in the bowl in which we boiled the milk and put it on the fire, stirring constantly until the cream thickens well, turn off the heat and leave to cool -3 sachets of gelatin mix with water (to cover the gelatin) and leave to hydrate for 10 minutes dissolve in a water bath or microwave. Pour the dissolved gelatin over the cream and mix well, then leave the cream until completely cooled

-In a bowl we beat the cream very, very well and put it in the fridge

-after the cream has cooled very well, add the whipped cream and mix, then the fruit cut into pieces

SYRUP: mix water with sugar and flavors and simmer until sugar melts and then let cool

A tray with removable walls is lined with food foil. Wallpaper the bottom with a layer of biscuits passed through syrup. Pour 1/2 of the amount of cream over the biscuits and a layer of fruit over the cream, then another layer of biscuits and the rest of the cream. Cover the pan with cling film and refrigerate until the cream hardens (best overnight).

After the cream has hardened, the ring of the tray is opened, the cake is covered in a generous layer of whipped cream, the edges are covered in biscuits (which you cut according to the height of the cake). The biscuits are "tightened" with a bow. The cake is decorated with whipped cream and fruit, after which the Diplomat Cake can be served.

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